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August 2017:

In terms of travelling and photographing UK landscapes, we normally designate July and August as ‘stay close to home’ months.  One, of our many clichés, is that a photographer does not have to venture far from their own front door, to capture appealing, interesting and aesthetic imagery.  Our own county of Cheshire, and being in close proximity to the North Wales border, offers countless picturesque urban and rural photographic opportunities. And, just to prove the point, the following short slide show contains a selection of recent imagery all of which was captured, during an early morning stroll, less than 500 metres from our own front door.   Click here…

July 2017:

The month of June was devoted to exploring the newly designated North Coast 500 in the Highlands of Scotland. The route begins and ends in Inverness and takes in some of the most remote, tranquil and dramatic scenery that the UK has to offer. However, we have always maintained that you should never visit Scotland, and especially anywhere north of Inverness, in search of a suntan. And whilst the rest of the UK basked in record breaking heatwave temperatures, we explored the Scottish hills wearing extra layers of clothing and got good use of our Gore-Tex waterproofs. As landscape photographers we are well accustomed to the UK climate and despite the unseasonal Highland weather, we did achieve some fantastic results. Scotland, especially the Highlands and Islands, will never disappoint anyone seeking tranquillity, remoteness and dramatic soul cleansing vistas. To view the results from our northern adventure please click on the following links:

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 Photographic Style

If our current style of photography seems a little sedate for the more adventurous among you, then images from our previous careers as military photographers may provide an insight into why we now prefer the tranquillity of landscape photography. To view images from our military career please click on the following link:  Click here…

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