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May 2017:

We are currently working on new range of quality products and giftware, all of which will display images from around the UK. We will also use this opportunity to display previously unseen artistic versions of UK rural and urban landscapes . It is hoped to publish wholesale prices in the very near future. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in stocking our product range. It is also hoped to make the items available for individual online purchase. To view our initial selection of products please click on the following link. Click here…

New for 2017: Contemporary UK Landscape Images

We have decided to publish our, previously unseen, portfolio of High Dynamic Range (HDR) images of UK urban and rural landscape scenes. These highly artistic images are ideal for customers who are looking for something a little bit different for use as book covers, travel articles or even wall art. Our portfolio contains over two thousands of these images, which are currently only available by contacting us direct.  The following links will generate a slide show of High Dynamic Range (HDR) artistic contemporary images, depicting UK landscapes scenes in England, Scotland and Wales.

 Photographic Style

If our current style of photography seems a little sedate for the more adventurous among you, then images from our previous careers as military photographers may provide an insight into why we now prefer the tranquillity of landscape photography. To view images from our military career please click on the following link:  Click here…

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